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The Situationist City ebook
The Situationist City ebook

The Situationist City by Simon Sadler

The Situationist City

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The Situationist City Simon Sadler ebook
Page: 352
Format: djvu
ISBN: 0262193922, 9780585028286

Book Review: The Beach Beneath the Street – the Situationists · bkg_constant_babylon-1 Constant was a Dutch painter and artist who spent many years designing the utopian city of New Babylon. In my final year in graduate school I learned about a group called the Situationist International and I became fascinated with their imaginative imagery that drew from architecture and art. The rest of this chapter takes us on a whistle-stop tour of alternative urbanism; from the Situationist International's avant-garde 'psychogeography' to graffiti, parkour and free-running, to contemporary urban exploration. David Pinder's Visions of the City and Jonathan Raban's Soft City. Connected drift is based on the situationist technic of the psychogeographic walk in which chance and the surrounding environment itself determines the route taken. This week predominantly involved us working on our essay which was due on Friday while also keeping our event ideas in the back of our mind. Christopher Collier (University of Essex) and Joanna Figiel (City University London), 'The Recombinant Dérive – The Situationist International, biopolitics and the neoliberal dérèglement de tous les sens'. The Situationists sought to dislodge the city inhabitant from their daily life, by engaging in derives, or aimless walks, that could last for any duration, so long as its sole purpose was to observe the city. Drawing out mental maps of cities is nary a dull activity (first time I've used the word 'nary'). David Pinder's Visions of the City (2005) takes a primarily Situationist look at the city and discusses détournement, the dérive and their cartography in depth. Diorama Map: Photographing the Situationist City.

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